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An Important First Step Toward Improved Health

The washing of the colon, now known as Colon Hydrotherapy, has been practiced for thousands
of years. Today, with renewed interest in natural healing, colonic hygiene is once again being re-
cognized and practiced by a growing number of individuals wishing to achieve vibrant health.

Pollution contaminates our natural resources and surroundings. However, the most dangerous pol-
lution resides in our own bodies. On average, we consume about 5 grams of toxins everyday.
Toxins poison our bodies. If our digestive systems cannot absorb proper nutrients and expel those
toxins, we can develop illnesses and chronic diseases like cancer.

Your intestines absorbs nutrients into the bloodstream. If the intestines do not function properly,
the whole body is deprived of nutrition and the body's blood can become contaminated and unheal-
thy. Intestinal passageways can be blocked by fecal matter and damaged by cooked food, incom-
plete digestion, gasses and harsh chemicals. Poor maintenance creates fecal pockets in the large
and small intestines. These pockets collect toxic gasses that prevent proper elimination and inhibit
the delivery of vitamins and nutrients to the rest of the body.

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